Snowdrop: Episode 12

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Written Update: Episode 12

Snowdrop Ep 12

The investigator asks Irina about her car and she says she left it parked in a city lane as it ran out of petrol. He finds her reason a little weird and Ira explains that she was busy the whole day so she did not have the time to fill her car with gas. He dismisses the two women saying that they will meet again at the police station.

Meanwhile, Boris is roaming the streets with a bloodied face scaring people on his way. He stops at a mall to buy some white flowers for Rita. The flower vendor offers to call the police seeing his battered face, which he refuses saying that he is fine.


Snowdrop Ep 12

In the car, Nadya asks Ira the reason why she lied about Nadya hitting Rita with her car. Ira justifies that she was too scared seeing so much blood and Rita in that condition. She says that she only stated what she saw. Ira apologises for speaking irresponsibly to which Nadya requests her to be careful with her words next time as one wrong word from Ira could create suspicion in people’s mind as the two of them are the only witnesses of the accident.


Snowdrop Ep 12

Just then, two drunken men stumble on the road and Nadya applies the car brakes on time avoiding a collision. Nadya gets out of the car to check on the men while Ira picks the CD that fell from her jacket and quickly puts it back in. The two investigators pull up after Nadya’s car and witness the scene and the junior investigator says that Nadya shouldn’t drive a car since she was on the verge of causing another accident. (Oh no! They believe that Nadya hit Rita with her car. Damn!) The senior investigator quips that lady drivers cannot be helped.


Snowdrop Ep 12

The doctor emerges from the operation room and tells Igor that Rita has suffered a severe head injury and has lost a lot of blood. He tells Igor to calm down as Rita will need someone to take care of her. Polina walks in with Oleg and hears their conversation. The doctor then informs Igor about Rita’s pregnancy and says that he was unable to save her child. Igor is left shaken by the news and so is Polina.


Snowdrop Ep 12

The senior investigator assigns some tasks to his junior, which includes finding out the relationship between Ira and Nadya. The junior tells him that they are co-workers. However, the senior investigator is suspicious of Ira and asks his junior to conduct a thorough background check on her. (Great. I hope he continues to trust his gut feeling.)


Snowdrop Ep 12

Furious, Polina rebukes Igor for leaving Rita stranded on the road alone at night. She bewails the loss of Rita’s unborn child and the fact that Rita is currently fighting for her life.

Irina and Nadya return home and narrate the occurrences of the evening to their family. Tamara, Nicolai, and Lucia are shocked to hear about Rita’s accident. Nicolai fumes over the driver’s irresponsibility and says that if he ever comes across the driver who hit Rita he will award him capital punishment. Hearing him Ira starts weeping inconsolably before running to her room.


Snowdrop Ep 12

Nadya calls Maria to ask where she should leave her car. Maria tells her to bring her car to office as she is still at work. Her colleagues hear her talk to Nadya and start cursing Nadya for putting them in the mess that they are in. Maria, however, staunchly continues to support Nadya and tells them she hopes Nadya will be able to prove her innocence. (She is such a good friend. I like Maria)    


Snowdrop Ep 12

Directors at Pan Cosmetics discuss Rita’s accident outside the office when Boris overhears their conversation. He asks them about Rita and they tell him about her accident and that she is currently in a very serious condition. Boris immediately makes a run for the hospital.

Nadya meets Maria outside Pan cosmetics building and informs Maria about Rita’s accident.


Snowdrop Ep 12

Boris reaches the hospital and tries to see Rita in the ICU however, the nurse stops him from doing so.

Meanwhile, Olya sees Nadya upset and asks the reason for her gloomy mood. She tells her that her boss Rita is unwell. Olya then prays to God asking for Rita’s speedy recovery and promises to do everything in return. (Aww… Olya is such a sweetheart)


Snowdrop Ep 12

Boris berates Igor for leaving Rita alone at night but Igor instead blames him for Rita’s critical condition. Boris knocks Igor down with a knee to his gut and threatens him with dire consequences in case anything happens to Rita.

Polina tells Oleg that she will ensure Rita gets the best doctor to attend her case. She further adds that she knows a few people in the police who will nab the culprit behind the accident. She adds that she will ensure that the culprit goes to jail for it. (Ok. So, Polina only dislikes Igor for his ill manners. She really likes Rita. I like you Polina. You just redeemed yourself in my eyes.)


Snowdrop Ep 12

Ira has a nightmare of the accident and she wakes up with a start. She runs to grandma Tamara’s room who assumes that Ira is having a bad dream like she did when she was young following her mother’s death. Tamara calms her down saying that her mother’s death was not her fault and that she had a short life. She assures her that everything will be ok and that she will help her be happy. (Oh… This is why grandma is over-protective of Ira and pampers her so much.)


Snowdrop Ep 12

Boris meets the investigator who tells him that they haven’t made much progress in Rita’s case as there are no witnesses to the accident. Boris loses his temper and arm twists the senior investigator and tells him to catch hold of the culprit soon or else he will catch him in such a way that the investigator will never see him again.

The two investigators sit at a coffee shop to discuss Rita’s case. The junior investigator gives the senior personal details of the people related to Rita’s accident case. He specifically mentions that Rita had fired Nadya a few days before the accident. The senior officer then leaves to check out the accident site once again and tells the junior to find out more information about Nadya.


Snowdrop Ep 12

Ira once again wakes up from a nightmare. She realises that her anklet is missing and starts to leave to retrieve her anklet. Tamara refuses to lend her car to Ira but then gives in to her requests.

The investigator finds a piece of the anklet with an alphabet on it at the accident site and praises his own work when he sees a car approaching and quickly hides behind the bushes.


Snowdrop Ep 12

He is surprised to see Ira and secretly starts shooting her with his mobile camera. Ira desperately looks for her anklet but is unable to find it and leaves empty-handed. The investigator comes out hiding and notices that the piece of anklet has the alphabets ‘I’ and ‘N’ on it.

Grandma Tamara rebukes Nicolai for being an ignorant father to Ira. She tells him that something has been bothering Ira but he doesn’t care a bit for her.


Snowdrop Ep 12

In her car, Ira is tensed about the missing anklet. She then remembers visiting the accident site with the investigator and Nadya so even if the anklet has fallen there it won’t count as an evidence. Holding the CCTV CD in her hand she tells herself that in the current situation the CD is the only piece of evidence.

The nurse informs Igor and Boris that Rita has gained consciousness which is a good sign and that she is now out of danger. Igor calls Nadya to tell her the good news. Nadya is relieved to hear the news and immediately leaves home to be with him at the hospital. Before leaving, she checks her bag and does not find the CD in there.


Snowdrop Ep 12

Ira crushes the CD and dumps it in a roadside garbage bin. She even dumps the broken glass pieces of her car’s headlight that she had collected from the accident site. (Is she a professional? How did she remember to collect the glass pieces? Smart girl!)

Nadya is unable to find the CD at home so she calls Maria to check if it is in her car. Maria checks her car but finds nothing in there. Maria feels furious at Nadya for losing the CD as she had promised the security person to get the CD back to him. Nadya calls the lawyer who tells her that he has the copy that Ira had given him. It then hits Nadya that the copy with the lawyer was given to him by Ira who had told Nadya that she could not obtain the CD. She recollects telling Ira to get Rita a blanket and wonders if Ira robbed the CD from the car. (Yes lady yes. You are right. Stop trusting your enemies blindly.)


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  • angrybread

    (Is she a professional? How did she remember to collect the glass pieces? Smart girl!)

    haha Ira made the best escape anyone could from a hit-and-run accident

    • Her presence of mind will pay off soon.

    • Eboza

      Irina’s not a professional otherwise she wouldn’t have forgotten her anklet there 🙂

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