Snowdrop: Episode 13

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

Channel: Zee Zindagi

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Written Update: Episode 13

Snowdrop Episode 13

When Ira returns home Nadya asks her about the CD and Ira vehemently denies seeing it. Nadya tells her that she had told her that she didn’t see the CCTV footage but still managed to give a copy to Rita and the lawyer. Nadya reminds her that the CD was kept on the front seat of the car and that Ira was the one who got Rita the blanket. Ira takes offense in Nadya’s questions and admonishes Nadya for accusing her of robbing the CD in front of her family. Nicolai intervenes and calms Nadya down by assuring her of finding the CD. Nadya tells him that Rita has gained consciousness and that she wants to show the CD to her. Nicolai is glad to hear about Rita’s progressive health and decides to visit her right away.


Snowdrop Episode 13

Shaken by the update, Ira runs to her room and reassures herself that Rita did not see her that night. She tells herself that Rita was too much in shock to notice her. She constantly repeats to herself that she wasn’t there at the accident spot that evening.

Nadya, Nicolai, and Ira visit the accident spot and Nicolai says that the police will have to work hard on the case as there are no surveillance cameras nearby. (What? Nadya is doomed!) Nadya tells Nicolai that the inspector assured her that they will find some evidence at the spot and will certainly nab the culprit. Ira has flashes of the accident and gets panicky and throws up but still insists on accompanying Nadya and Nicolai to visit Rita.   


Snowdrop Episode 13

The senior investigator is mystified by Ira as he is sure that Ira visited the accident spot to retrieve the anklet with her initials on it. However, he is unsure of how and when she must have lost it there. The junior investigator then tells him that he saw Ira’s car speeding past Nadya car that evening in a petrol pump’s CCTV surveillance video footage. He adds that Ira and Nadya are not on good terms and that Ira despises Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 13

At the hospital, Ira suffers a panic attack but continues to insist on meeting Rita first. However, Nicolai insists on taking her to see a doctor but she pays no heed.

The nurse permits Boris and Igor to meet Rita and warns them to not speak for too long as Rita is still in critical condition. Ira staggers to Rita’s room but refuses to see the doctor.


Snowdrop Episode 13

Boris and Igor meet Rita and Polina follows them. Oleg (Who very clearly is not in the scene and has been added by the editing team) regrets not interacting much with Rita and decides to do so as soon as she gets back on her feet. Polina asks Rita about the person who hit her. Rita struggles to speak and her vital signs rise and fall violently and the computer buzzes as the nurse asks everyone to leave Rita alone.

Nadya bumps into Polina and asks her about Rita. Polina retorts scornfully as Igor asks her to not be rude to Nadya who is his fiancée. Polina chastises him for supporting a girl who not only tried to sell him company but also killed his father. (Wow! Everybody in the show blames Nadya for people’s death. I think they mistake her for the grim reaper)


Snowdrop Episode 13

Ira tells Nicolai that Igor is unaware of the fact that Nadya and she will soon become step-sisters and asks him to not reveal anything. She finally musters the courage to meet Rita.

Polina accuses Nadya of getting rid of the CCTV footage to cover up her crime and tells Igor that his choice in women is rubbish. Just then, Nicolai and Ira walk in and Polina notices Ira’s restlessness.


Snowdrop Episode 13

A while later, senior investigator officer Kireev walks in and introduces himself to everyone present outside Rita’s room. Looking at him, Ira feels sick and Nicolai excuses himself as he takes Ira to see a doctor. Polina asks the officer if he has made any progress in the case. He tells her that he is there to take Rita’s statement but Polina tells him to speak to Nadya instead as she was the one who first saw Rita on the road. Nadya says she did see her first but she didn’t hit Rita. Polina continues to accuse Nadya which infuriates Igor and he leaves with Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 13

Igor tells Nadya to not worry about Polina as she is only getting back at him by troubling her. He then tells her that Rita was pregnant and lost her child in the accident. He says that Rita spoke of her wedding when they had just lost their father and that irked him so much that he asked her to leave his car mid-way. He thanks Nadya for rescuing Rita and she consoles him by saying that ‘good people only deserve good things’.


Snowdrop Episode 13

Ira’s condition worsens and she confesses her love for Igor to her father. She tells him that she has adored Igor since childhood but he only has eyes for Nadya. She begs him to help her as she can’t live with Nadya anymore and fears of losing her mind over it.

Oleg tells Polina he has an idea to launch Rita’s product and needs the authority to do so. Polina calls up someone and tells him that Oleg will be the head of the R&D department in Rita’s absence. Polina then surmises that Rita’s accident could be a plan of Igor and his lawyer to take over her share of the family property.


Snowdrop Episode 13

Maria, Svetlana, and Pavlik are in a fix over a delay when Oleg walks in and informs them of being the new head of the team in Rita’s absence. (Svetlana looks excited to see him there…hmmmm… She clearly has a crush on him and so do I ;)) He inquires about the new product’s ingredients and is pleased to see broccoli extracts added to the list. He praises Maria’s idea and asks them to collect all the information related to the product while he is at the factory. (He brings so much life to a rather dull team.)


Snowdrop Episode 13

Zora informs Igor about Oleg taking over Rita’s R&D department and restarting her product research. Igor rubbishes Zora’s news but he reaffirms it by adding that the order came from higher officials. He says that he has seen Oleg’s credentials and it very impressive.

Worried that Igor might take over Rita’s shares, Polina calls officer Kireev and tells him to keep a tab on Nadya as she was not on good terms with Rita and that she has many reasons to harm her. The officer hangs up the call and looks pleased to find Ira’s car at a garage.


Snowdrop Episode 13

Rita gains consciousness and tries to speak something. The nurse immediately calls her family members to see her. Polina asks Rita about the person who hit her and Rita tries to point out at Irina who is facing her back out of fear of being identified. Ira then holds down Rita’s hand as she trembles uncontrollably (You sly woman! How well do you manage to save yourself each time). The doctor is called and he asks everyone to clear the room immediately.  


Snowdrop Episode 13

The loan shark visits Nadya in the hospital and tells her that she has yet to compensate him with interest and bonus. Angry, Igor grabs the loan shark by his collar and drags him aside. Polina expresses her amazement at Nadya’s life and Ira eggs her on by saying that it is a regular affair as Nadya does not pay her loans and loan sharks often chase after her. Boris silently listens to their conversation.


Snowdrop Episode 13

Igor calls his lawyer, Valentin and reports the loan shark, Mr. Vadim to him. He tells him that Vadim in involved in extortion and he is a witness to it and wants him behind bars for at least 3 years. Frightened, the loan shark runs from the hospital. (Cool! That’s my boy!)

Polina and Ira discuss Nadya’s relationship with Rita and how she caused Rita too much trouble at work. Boris loses his temper, goes to talk to Nadya but Polina stops him, and goes to Nadya instead.


Snowdrop Episode 13

Polina slaps Nadya and accuses her of trying to kill Rita (Woah! That slap came like Randy Orton’s RKO – out of nowhere). She tells her that had it not been for Igor, she would have handed her over to the police without any investigation.

Igor tries to console the visibly shaken Nadya. He tells her that he trusts her and will help her prove her innocence. (Aww….Igor you are such a sweet guy.)


Snowdrop Episode 13

Polina tries to assuage Boris’s temper but he tells her to leave matters to him as he will find the culprit and make him pay for it.

At a garage, officer Kireev arm-twists the garage mechanic to tell him about Ira’s car. The mechanic tells him that Ira had left it with him late last night and from the looks of it the car seems to have met with an accident. Kireev asks him for the car’s documents but the mechanic does not have any. Kireev then scares him by telling that he has committed a big mistake by repairing the car of a criminal as he now becomes a part of the crime. Afraid, the mechanic promises to truthfully answer all his questions.


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    Crush on Oleg 😉 I don’t find any of the guys on this show handsome yet although Irina & Rita were stunning. The officer’s name is Kireev, by the way.

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