Snowdrop: Episode 17

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

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Written Update: Episode 17

Snowdrop Episode 17

Igor summons Maria to his cabin and tells her that Rita used to praise her work and dedication because of which he wants to nominate her for the post of chairman of the development team. Maria hesitates but Igor assures her that she is capable of handling work pressure and she happily agrees to take up the position.


Snowdrop Episode 17

At the dinner table, Oleg asks Galina about Igor’s favourite food and she tells him that Igor is fond of spicy food. He tells her that he would like to cook special Thai chicken, which Igor will devour. She asks him if he has ever worked with a restaurant before and he tells her that he had been living alone for several years and was compelled to learn everything. (Oleg may have looked like a negative character initially but I am sure he is a good guy. He is trying so hard to be friends with Igor. I love the background music they play for Igor.)


Snowdrop Episode 17

Polina receives a call from the company’s director who informs her that Igor has fired Oleg from his position and has appointed a new chairman for the development team. Polina barges into Igor’s room and rebukes him for making a mockery of their family by calling a press conference and showing his support for Nadya who murdered his sister. She further lambasts him for firing Oleg out of jealousy as he knows that Oleg is better than him in every aspect and that he is more capable of handling the company than Igor.


Snowdrop Episode 17

Galina praises Oleg’s cooking skills and he jokes that if he makes nothing out of Pan Cosmetics, he will open his own restaurant. With wine glasses and a bottle of wine, he goes up to Igor’s room to call him for dinner.

In Igor’s room, Polina demands a reason for Oleg’s dismissal and he replies that Oleg lacks the experience required for the post. He sarcastically adds that he is thankful for Oleg’s help but since Rita is no more he should leave her position. She scoffs at Igor’s way of paying Oleg back for his favour. Igor accuses her and Oleg of sponging off his father and now setting their eyes on the company. Igor tries to shove Polina when Oleg walks in and punches him hard across his face. He tells him that he had asked Polina to appoint him with Pan cosmetics as he only wanted to help Igor. Igor tells Oleg that they are neither friends nor brothers and warns him of trying to enter Pan cosmetics before walking off in anger.


Snowdrop Episode 17

Lucia confronts Ira with her statement at Nadya’s trial. She tries to tell Ira to not give irresponsible statements in court as it could cause Nadya unnecessary trouble but Ira gets defensive saying she only spoke the truth in the court. Tamara walks in and creates a ruckus over Lucia’s request to Ira. She screams at Lucia for ruining the peaceful environment of their house. Nicolai comes in listening to the commotion and Tamara tells him that Lucia was trying to convince Ira to lie in court.


Snowdrop Episode 17

At the club, Kireev loses all his money in a game of poker and requests his opponent to allow him to play the next game on credit but his opponent refuses and he leaves saying that he will find another person to play with. He calls his assistant and orders him to bring money to the club.

Kireev looks disappointed with the dismal amount of cash his assistant got him but his greed prompts him to try his luck at another game of poker even with that little amount of money. 


Snowdrop Episode 17

At the trial, Maria tells the court that Nadya was a very dedicated and sincere employee. Despite being warned of keeping away from her she still handed Nadya the original CCTV footage because she had faith in Nadya and that she doesn’t think she is capable of killing someone.

The prosecutor questions Maria in a way that shows how naive she is and trusts people blindly thus negating the credibility of her previous statement.


Snowdrop Episode 17

Pan cosmetics competitor, Maxim is called to give his statement in the court. He says that Nadya had texted him a huge amount of money in exchange of the secret information. He adds that Rita negotiated heavily to close the matter and that she looked stressed with Nadya and Igor’s relationship.

Igor is called for a statement and the prosecutor expresses his amazement over the coincidence that Igor left Rita in the middle of nowhere and was followed by his girlfriend who ended up hitting Rita with her car. He plays a phone recording in which Rita is screaming at Nadya saying that she will never let her marry Igor. He goes on to state that Rita first fired Nadya for leaking her company’s information, then slapped Nadya at her father’s funeral and made it very clear that she would never let Igor marry her which are clear motives for Nadya to murder her.


Snowdrop Episode 17

Ira tries to reach officer Kireev, who was absent from the trial, when she sees Oleg who says that she is the one behind the accident. He tells her that nothing is impossible and that she can also be the main culprit in the case.

In prison, Nadya gobbles down a bowl of soup and her prison mates feel worried seeing her sudden attack on food. One of Nadya’s prison mates taunts her for crying after having killed a person. The other prison mate defends Nadya saying that she hasn’t been proved guilty as yet.


Snowdrop Episode 17

From a public phone, Ira calls Kireev and scolds him for missing the trial. She says that she has placed Rita’s earring in Maria’s car, which can be used as an evidence against Nadya. She pleads him to be present for the trial as his statement can prove Nadya guilty or else Ira will be dragged into the case. She adds that she had paid him to turn the case against Nadya. Ira, however, is unaware that Kireev is recording her statement. He then sends her an MMS clip wherein she is looking for her lost anklet at the accident site. He also sends her her voice recording and texts her that this evidence is more than enough to put Ira behind bars.


Snowdrop Episode 17

Nadya’s lawyer, Valentin and Nicolai are discussing Nadya’s case when Ira walks in with a tray of snacks and coffee. Valentin tells Nicolai that the car that hit Rita must have been damaged but Nadya’s car is totally unharmed which is a strong point in favour of Nadya. He says that he has invited two forensic experts who will give their opinions in Nadya’s case. However, he adds that he is not sure if they will be available. Nicolai says that he knows of an expert who can help him and make the case stronger. Ira hears their case plan before walking out of the room.

Ira wants to borrow money from Tamara who refuses to give her cash without knowing the reason why she needs such a huge amount. She is worried that Ira is into gambling or drugs but Ira clears her fears saying that she needs the money to rent a one-bedroom apartment to live separately. But Tamara does not give the money easily and says that she needs time to think about it.


Snowdrop Episode 17

Ira tells Tamara that she will go to the bank and borrow money on interest. Tamara sneers that Ira has nothing to keep as guarantee with the bank and that she does not have any way to pay off the debt. Seeing her threats fail, Ira resorts to pleading but Tamara tells her that she doesn’t have that much money right now with her.


Snowdrop Episode 17

Nicolai overhears Ira begging for money from Tamara and he goes to Ira’s room to check what she needs the money for. He sees a cash withdrawal receipt in her drawer and just then Ira walks in and is shocked to see Nicolai in her room. Nicolai demands an answer for the money she has been taking from grandma Tamara and she tearfully confesses to having hit Rita with her car.


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