Snowdrop: Episode 28

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

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Written Update: Episode 28

Snowdrop Episode 28

Tamara receives the agenda for the next shareholders meeting at Pan Cosmetics and wonders what Polina is up to this time. She is surprised to see Polina visit her and she bluntly asks Polina her plans for Igor. Polina then hands her the CD containing the CCTV footage and tells her to have a look at it as it has evidence against Ira who tried to frame Nadya for spying on Pan Cosmetics. Tamara refuses to believe her claim and Polina tells her that she will forget the matter if Tamara supports Oleg in the company meeting.

Oleg looks worried as he recalls his meeting with Nadya’s lawyer where his disc turned out to be empty. He wonders if he accidently deleted the video and frets over being unable to help Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 28

Nadya is helping load sacks when Xena scolds her for doing so and tells her to just pretend to work while she will do her work instead. Nadya has a dizzy spell and Xena and other inmates keep her from collapsing. Veera gives Nadya a bottle of vitamins and asks her to take better care of herself.

Igor announces that he has managed to fulfil his promise of recording a 10% rise in the company profits and has launched a new concealer but he is rudely interrupted by a director who says that the concealer has nothing to do with the profits and that they have lost thousands of shareholders because of his scandals. He says the company’s share prices have risen only because of their alliance with the French company which was because of Oleg. The other director chimes in that their shareholders are losing money and the company is on the brink of bankruptcy.


Snowdrop Episode 28

The shareholders then vote for Oleg’s and Igor’s plan in which Oleg wins with 60% votes in his favour. Igor respectfully accepts the decision and steps down from the position of General Manager of Pan Cosmetics.

Nadya receives a letter from ‘Ham’ expressing his happiness about having his dream come true and that he doesn’t even know if it really is his own dream as it is just something he has been told about since childhood and she cannot help smiling to herself. He adds that he is unable to understand if he has actually won or lost.

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Snowdrop Episode 28

Nadya writes back to ‘Ham’ saying that in order to understand his feelings he should remember his moments of happiness as it will help him understand what he really wants. She adds that she has done the same thing in jail and has asked herself what she wants and if she will really be happy if her enemies lost.

In a restaurant, Oleg sees a happy couple and thinks about the thing he wants the most in life and he concludes that he wants love in life. He wishes to never be lonely and that he wants someone to miss him everyday. (Aww….. Oleg you melt my heart so easily. You are such an endearing character.)


Snowdrop Episode 28

Veera informs Nadya of having a male visitor and Xena teases her that maybe it is her mystery writer ‘Ham’. Nadya is excited and tidies up for the meeting but her excitement dies the moment she sees Boris in front of her. Boris informs her about Igor’s dismissal from General Manager’s position and chaffs that Igor is a worthless guy who has ruined his life himself. He adds that she can enjoy her stay in the prison, as the moment she leaves she will have death waiting for her.

Ira packs Igor’s bag and is leaving the house when Polina asks her about Igor. Ira tells her that she shouldn’t be concerned about Igor and that she should focus only on Oleg. She says that Igor has her full support and that he will soon return to claim his home and his company. Polina mocks Ira’s idea of a war and she says that the more she knows her the more she surprises her.


Snowdrop Episode 28

Tamara shows Nicolai the CD and asks him if he is sure that Ira was involved in framing Nadya and he affirms her fears. She says that Polina promised to not tattle about this but isn’t sure for how long she will remain quiet as Polina will now blackmail her each time she needs something from her. Nicolai tells her that he will speak to Polina about this.

Nicolai meets Polina and thanks her for not telling anyone about the CD. She tells him that it is very hard for her to keep it to herself as it very likely that Ira must have killed Rita and pushed the blame on Nadya’s head. Polina says she feels churned between the desire for justice for Rita and Nicolai’s career as a new Supreme court judge. She tells him that when she last spoke to Ira she was very rude to her and asks him to speak to Ira about it.

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Snowdrop Episode 28

Nicolai recalls Anatoli blame Polina for ruining everything in his last moments and he wonders why he said so. He then picks his phones and dials Kireev’s number. He meets Kireev in a restaurant and tells him to find Igor’s biological mother named Ana Panin and find out who benefitted the most from her disappearance.

At Igor’s home, he is heavily drunk when Ira comes in. He sees Nadya instead of Ira and expresses his regret over failing her and his father before passing out on Ira’s shoulders. Ira thinks to herself that she will help him gain everything back and that he will soon forget everything about Nadya. (Yeah…he better forget her because she is better suited for Oleg.)


Snowdrop Episode 28

Ira tells Tamara that she plans to help Igor reclaim his position with Pan Cosmetics and that she will start with publishing a positive report about Igor and her happy family. This will create a positive image of Igor in the minds of people. Tamara reluctantly agrees to share the journalist’s number with her.

Ira writes to Oleg about the drama club in the prison and says that she misses her mom and Olya terribly and wishes to see them.


Snowdrop Episode 28

Oleg donates money for prisoner’s welfare and the head Sensenich offers to show him around when he catches a glimpse of Nadya working from the window. (This guy!! He makes me blush :D)

Polina cheerfully welcomes Oleg home and informs him of his meeting with a top-shot banker but he cuts her short saying that he doesn’t want to lead Pan Cosmetics and wishes to give it all back to Igor. He tells her that he wants to make a name for himself and does not want to do it this way. Polina fumes over his decision and he walks away unperturbed by her reaction. On his way to his room, he picks a book from a box of books Ira had cleaned from Igor’s room to be given away.

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Snowdrop Episode 28

Oleg discovers that the book was gifted to Igor by Nadya and he is glad to know that Nadya and he share the same taste in books. He concludes that their love for books points out to the special connection they share.

Oleg tells the company directors that he has been auditing the company’s work for the past few months and he has come to the conclusion that Igor is a good leader for the company. He hands them the reports that show Igor’s work for the company. He tells them that he wants Igor back with the company but the directors look unhappy and leave without considering his suggestion.


Snowdrop Episode 28

At the prison, Xena sings a song at the prison event. Nadya goes next and reads a passage from her favourite book The Holiday, Which Is Always With You by Ernest Hemingway.


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  • grounde

    This episode’s aim was to make audiences swoon over Oleg. He’s smart, handsome, helps Nadia and now he’s a philanthropist too! The writers are biased towards Oleg, while Igor, who is supposed to be the main lead, is only shown fighting with Ira, Oleg, Polina, the board members, Boris… list goes on.

    • No no it is just his character sketch. Oleg is a lonely boy craving for love. He likes Nadya and supports her when nobody else does. Igor is also lonely and loves Nadya but unfortunately, his circumstances do not allow him to be with her. However, considering the fact that this show is based on a Korean drama it is very likely that they do make Oleg outshine Igor because it’s quite common in KDrama’s for second leads to look better than the main lead.

      • grounde

        Oh Oleg’s behaviour does make sense. The writers are making him a well-rounded character (it’s a bit much how he charms nearly everyone he meets though). Igor in contrast has become very one-dimensional, always grumpy, drunk and arguing. There is no light scenes with him. It becomes boring to watch him since he has no personality now- he’s just jumping from one problem to another. Just wish there was more of a balance between golden boy and Igor.

        I didn’t know that about K-Dramas, I’ve only seen DOTS and both the guys there were well-written .

        • The guys in DOTS are different as their paths do not converge the way it does for Oleg and Igor.
          Oleg has a reason to support Nadya because he has seen the CCTV footage so he knows of her innocence unlike Igor who has nothing to prove Nadya’s innocence. Which explains Igor’s distrust for Nadya. I sympathize with Igor as he is surrounded by problems on all sides but still cares for Nadya. I do not know how he will redeem himself in the show but I am sure he will.
          I like Oleg only because he seems far too matured than Igor who acts dumb most of the time.

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